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Recruitment 101: Finding The Best People For Your Business With Adam Creed

Episode Summary

Tune in for tips on boosting profitability, staff retention, and sales with the recruiting manager of ABC Home & Commercial Services.

Episode Notes

Does anybody ever wake up and say, “I want to be in pest control”? In this episode, Adam Creed joins Dr. Christopher Fasano to talk about how he got into the industry and how his sales background informs his storytelling approach to recruiting the right people. He also touches on the critical role efficiency plays in boosting profitability, staff retention, and, ultimately, growth. 

Learn how ABC Home & Commercial Services grew exponentially through building relationships and showing up for customers. 

4:20 How adding services builds growth 
22:16 Overcoming the challenges of the “slow season” 
25:40 Tips for reducing windshield time and enhancing productivity 
27:42 When your whole field team is a potential sales representative 
33:50 The value veterans bring to field work 

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